Mag O7 Oxygen Cleanse (180 capsules)

  • $41.95

Mag O7 is The Ultimate Oxygenating Digestive System Cleanse!
A Best Seller in the Cleanse and Detox Category, Mag O7 is a unique and effective overnight cleanse, that uses MOXiO3 (a proprietary process & formulation of oxygen and magnesium), to gently cleanse the digestive system.  Over 20 years on the market, MagO7 is used and promoted by many leading Health & Wellness experts, nutritionists and enthusiasts.  Mag O7, when taken as directed, begins to slowly release oxygen throughout the digestive system.  Mag O7 works to break down and remove intestinal debris, helping to create a balanced, healthy gut.  
Through it's unique and gentle formulation, Mag O7 works to break down intestinal build up and remove unwanted waste.  Mag O7 can be used as an easy, overnight cleanse that is easy on the body.   Mag O7 will not cause gas, cramping or bloating.     
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Aerobic Life recommends to always take Mag O7 on an empty stomach, 2-3 hours after the last meal of the day and drinking plenty of water during the day when doing a cleanse. Please follow the manufacturer’s directions and always consult your doctor before taking any supplement.