Petandim For Dogs 30CT

  • $30.99

Give Your Best Friend The Health He Deserves

Dogs deepen our ability to love and bring us happiness, and some science suggests they can help us live healthier lives. Now we can return the favor. Leveraging the groundbreaking science behind the leading Protandim® Nrf2 Synergizer®* for humans, Petandim for Dogs is formulated to increase healthspan and give our 4-legged friends more quality time for tummy rubs and tail wagging.

Every cell in a dog’s body contains a protein called Nrf2. When activated by Petandim, over 200 genes get to work to support cellular health and create powerful enzymes that protect them from future oxidative stress. Made by pet parents and backed by nutrigenomics, Petandim helps our fur kids stay healthy and play harder.

A shinier coat
Increased playfulness
More energy
Supports joint health
Supports hearing and eyesight

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